Kickball Tournament

Kickball teams!  We are inviting you to join us for our 7th annual kickball tournament!

Payouts will be made to the teams finishing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

1st place earns $150,
2nd place earns $100,
3rd place earns $75!

You are guaranteed at least 3 games in this tournament.

You should plan on having at least ten (10), but no more than 15 players for your team at the tournament.

Each player on the team will receive a free drink coupon.  Should your team finish in the top 3 spots and earn money, every player on the team also gets another free drink coupon.

Most important – This tournament is FUN first!  Please remember this and communicate it to your team.”

Entry fee is $150 per team.
Contact Jim Webb at 612-916-6955 or to register.