Dead Mobile Phone Throw

When: Saturday, August 3, 2024. Contests back-to-back starting at 3PM.

Location: Central Park

Contest Organizer: St. Anthony (Salo, Finland) Sister City Association, Inc.

The Finns are an unusual group of people, sometimes little known for their unusual contests of strength, creativity and spirt of verve and fun. Yes, besides a partner carrying contest for adults, the Sister City Association is adding a dead mobile phone throwing contest with heats for kids, teens and adults. Both contests are free.

(Finns also have air guitar, mosquito swatting, swamp soccer, beer floating, hay mowing with a scythe, ant hill sitting, boot throwing, lingonberry picking, winter swimming, kick-sledding and sauna endurance contests. Maybe next year? ☺)

  • The Dead Mobile Phone Throw is a distance throwing contest.
  • Heats for kids, teens, and adults.
  • No minimum age.
  • Dead mobile phones will be supplied.
  • Free

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