Wiffle Ball


– Sat, Aug 3rd
– 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.
– Central Park C1 field
– Teams of 3-5 players
– Sponsored by Voyagers

Rules of Play

The rules of play, unless otherwise specified will follow MLW rules.

– 3-5 players per team.
– 3 fielders allowed including the pitcher.

Normal baseball rules for getting outs with the additions of:

– A batter is out if they are hit by a ball in play and they are not on a base. i.e. a fielder can record an out by striking the runner with a thrown ball, in addition to tags, forceouts, fly outs, etc.

Rule Exceptions:

– All games will be three innings long
– 5 run limit per half inning.
– Pitch Speed: Pitches must be thrown under the 65 mph. A pitch exceeding the speed limit will be ruled an automatic ball.
– Bats and balls will be provided.
– Instant Replay: There will be no instant replay.
– An umpire will be provided.

2024 Whiffle Ball
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