Medallion Hunt


Sponsored by NE Voyagers.

Five Four Three Two One medallions are hidden in five four three two one different locations on public property with the St. Anthony city limits (according to Google maps).

Follow the daily clues, posted here, to try to be the first to find each one. 

$10 in gift cards to a St. Anthony business if you’re the first to find one of the hidden Medallions.Stay tuned for your first clue!

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FOUND! Badgers Medallion:

Jojo Siwa can throw her boomerang here…

And her video High Top Shoes will make everything clear

FOUND! – French River Bandits Medallion:

Say high, say low, this is where you want to go.


Badgers Medallion:

I’m right in the middle of this beautiful city

But where I’m hidden isn’t so pretty

FOUND! French River Bandits Medallion:

When you’re in Northwest Saint Anthony, things are looking up.

FOUND! Mighty Men of Sasquatch Medallion:

You might need a mentor to tell you where to enter.

You will not freeze when you head 45 degrees

FOUND! Minnehaha Medallion:

Go Forth, Villager.  Go North

And seek the Medallion of Minnehaha Voyagers

To be the envy of every Saint Anthony Villager

While we celebrate a virtual Villagefest

Search the parks to pass the test

FOUND! Navigators Medallion:

The road you must travel, is close to pavement, not gravel.

tis not north nor west – Follow the direction that the Navigators like best


Badgers Medallion

This is a space that gets lots of sun. Start looking around the medallion search has begun.

FOUND! French River Bandits Medallion:

If you’re in Saint Anthony Village, that’s a step in the right direction!

FOUND! Mighty Men of Sasquatch Medallion:

This public place is not outer space. You gather to find as medallion of some kind

FOUND! Minnehaha Medallion:

The borders of the Village you need to stay inside. As the medallions are hidden within a stroll or bike ride

FOUND! Navigator Medallion:

The medallion you seek is not near a creek. Silence is not – as traffic is a lot.