Hi neighbors! Check out the below opportunity to get involved and help continue to grow VillageFest. If one of the below is up your alley, we’d love to have you.

VillageFest is in need of some new faces. Many of our volunteers have been working on VillageFest for many many years and are ready to pass the torch. We are hoping that we could find new recruits to partner with us this year, and take over different tasks for 2018 and beyond. New ideas would be great for VillageFest!!

Interested in a fun and creative opportunity to volunteer? We could always use more hands helping with the parade. There are opportunities to help the day of the parade along with the planning of it. If you are interested, please email Chris at parade@stanthonyvillagefest.com.

Solicitation – We are looking for volunteers who would be willing to call local businesses in the St Anthony area and ask for donations towards the festival/silent auction. An email or letter will be sent the end of May and you would be doing a follow-up phone call to that email/letter in June. It’s a great opportunity to work from your home for an hour a day. If interested, please call Megan at 612-239-5442 for more information.

If you would like specific information on any of these tasks, please e-mail us at stanthonyvillagefest@gmail.com and we can get you more in-depth job descriptions or put you in contact with the current chairs!

VillageFest is a great community event, and we would love to be able to continue the tradition!