Committee Meeting Notes April 17, 2018

Present: Jim Webb, Chris Provenzano, Sharon Marsh, Julianne Hunter, Stephanie Lindgren, Denise Wells, Chris Farhet, Garrick van Buren, Jennifer Huebner, Michael Garrett, Mike Gondek

VillageFest will be the weekend of August 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Finance / Denise
· A little over $9000 in the account, over $15K in savings
· Deposit made for the fireworks ($7000), no deposit for the stage yet
· Last year we ended in the black $4300 (after 501c fees)

· In2ition – This is their 3rd year; we know they are solid & people enjoy their music; decision was to book the band.
· Other bands were considered but after some discussion and review of video of one of the bands, the decision was made to start earlier next year to vet out the bands.

· Suggestion to get an unpaid intern to help create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for duties of VillageFest committee members. The suggestion was agreed upon by members to pursue.

Schedule / Registration
· Proposed: Can we get registrations before VillageFest starts vs registrations on the day-of VillageFest? The members agreed with this proposal. Denise will figure out a drop dead date for registration.
o Registration for the Vendors & Craft prior to VillageFest (vs day of VillageFest) worked great.
o For the parade, pre-registration makes sense.
o 5K is more difficult. The suggestion is to have Registration on-line with credit card, and then day-of-race cash only.
o Tennis tournament – Registration on-line with credit card, day-of-tournament cash only.
o Kickball tournament – Sign up through the website
· We will need to come up with a refund policy.
· Committee Members need to touch base with Garrick if you have on-line registrations; Garrick will set things up.
· Nothing really is on the VillageFest website currently. Garrick will coordinate with committee members to look at the 2017 schedule to determine which items need to be updated and loaded onto the website.

Miscellaneous Updates (Julianne)
· We have the following commitments:
o Electricians are on board
o Bouncy houses have been reserved
o Nick K will be available for the kids & teen show;
o Umbrella Bed has been contacted
o In2ition has been booked
o Biffs and garbage have been contacted
o A stage has been reserved through the city of Minneapolis
o Jim Webb will check with Papa John

Beer/Wine (Jim Webb)
· We will not have a second vendor for additional beer and wine.
· Unsold wine returnability is not available, so will have to manage this tightly
· We will stay with JJ Taylor for the beer

Kickball (Jim Webb)
· There are 12 max teams for the kickball tournament.

Car Show (Mike Gondek)
· Last year we had too many cars.
· This year the goal will be to try to get more Villagers to see the car show.
· Batmobile will be at the car show this year

Parade (Chris Provenzano)
· Registration – Try to get this on the website before school is out (Garrick)
· VillageFest Parade & volunteer shirts suggestion is to not have the schedule on the back of the shirts. This was agreed upon by the members.
· Proposal – If parade participants have candy, they should not be throwing it. They must have walkers handing candy out. This proposal was agreed upon by the members.

· Pull the permit sooner for the fireworks (Will)

Next meeting: May 8th, Tuesday, 7 pm, Julianne’s house 2801 St. Anthony Blvd


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