May 8, 2018 VillageFest Meeting Notes

Present: Julianne Hunter, Sharon Marsh, Megan McCloud, Denise Wells, Chris Provenzano , Neil Carlson, Garrick Van Buren, Stephanie Lindgren, Jennifer Huebner

1. Budget discussions
a. The following committees (Silent Auction, Parade, 10K Tot trot, Advertising/Publicity) should submit a budget to Denise. Will discuss budget requests at next meeting.
2. Website committee emails to be set up (Garrick)
a. goes to Megan, Stephanie and Sharon
b. goes to Denise
c. goes to Julianne
d. goes to Faye
3. Solicitation letter
a. Print off solicitation letters (Julianne)
b. Mailchimp list to be set up (Garrick)
i. Provide snail mail and email lists to Sharon (Megan)
ii. Garrick to provide Sharon access to create the mailing list in Mailchimp
4. Saturday band act from 2 – 4:30 pm
a. Decision: Broken Spoke has committed to playing on Saturday in the afternoon, (Umbrella Bed is not available)
5. Graphic Design
a. Working on a tentative schedule to put on the web-site
6. Technical Writer
a. Intern will start in May documenting Julianne’s duties
7. Volunteer information on the website
a. Garrick already loaded what our volunteer needs are on the website- if you have other needs, please get something to Garrick
b. Parade help is needed (Chris P will send info to Garrick
8. Treasurer
a. Stage rental. The deposit check has been sent. Stage rental check will be ready when the stage is dropped off
b. Firework deposit has been paid; Decision: Will pay the rest of the money due for fireworks in June
c. Biffs estimate was approximately the same amount as last year. Decision: Will go with Biff’s.
d. Car show request. Decision: Approved $500 for the car show.
9. Kiwanis’s will have the following
a. Waffle breakfast instead of pancake breakfast
b. Will have a float in the parade
c. Will have the tennis ball roll off
d. Will be a Sponsor
10. Food Vendors
a. Follow up on food vendors from last year to confirm they are coming back (Julianne)
11. Petting Zoo
a. Zoo is already booked by the Lions club and will transition to VillageFest going forward.
12. Band Boosters Game booth. Follow up to see if they are going to participate this year (Jennifer H)
13. Whiffle Ball – Will be part of VillageFest this year.
14. T-shirts for Volunteers. Decision: Will purchase t-shirts. No year or schedule on the parade shirt so if we have extra shirts we can use them other years.
15. Next meeting will be May 30th at 7 pm, Location TBD