VillageFest Meeting Notes June 25, 2018

Present:  Julianne Hunter, Sharon Marsh, Denise Wells, Chris Provenzano , Dale Gunderson, Mike Gondek, Chris Farhet, Stephanie Lindgren, Faye Kerber, Jerry Kerber,  Jean Rarick, Megan MacLeod, Kirsten Stendahl

Kiwanis’s – Dale Gunderson

  • Everything is ready.

Food Vendors – Jean Rarick & Julianne Hunter

  • Coldstone Creamery – Friday to sell product, Saturday to hand out coupons.
  • Suggestion for next year on the website, make it known that the vendor fair is different from being a food vendor.  May want to add to the vendor fair information  “This is not a food vendor”.

Petting Zoo – Kirsten Stendahl

  • Pay the zoo vendor on Saturday of VillageFest.
  • St. Anthony Lions will no longer be the sponsor as club disbands on June 30th.
  • Discussion: The zoo does not make money and is operating at a significant loss.  Do we raise zoo entrance fees to $3/child and have only 1 adult be free?  VillageFest Committee would like to keep the zoo for the younger children.  More discussion at next meeting.

Silent Auction –  Faye & Jerry Kerber

  • Looking for silent auction donations (personal baskets, business donation).  Post  on Village Fest web page (Garrick) and Village People (Stephanie)
  • No other supplies (baskets, wrap, etc…) are needed.

Solicitation – Megan MacLeod & Stephanie Lindgren

  • Have been making calls for donations.  Will continue to reach out to people.
  • Have had some donations dropped off.

Parade – Chris Provenzano

  • Deadline for signing up on the VF website (July 21st)
  • Parade safety – Mike Huddle is putting a plan together and will present this to Chris P.
  • There are currently 27 registered parade participants
  • St Charles has given the approval to use the parking lot
  • Parade volunteers are still needed.  Post “volunteers needed” on the Village People Facebook page (Jean)
  • Edison band will be at the parade, Irondale band is interest but have not decided yet
  • Candy can be handed out but not thrown
  • Order 20 shirts (Julianne). Parade shirts with VillageFest logo and “Parade Staff” on the back.  Neon yellow.
  • Order general VillageFest shirts (Julianne to contact Mike Wandell).  Purple.
  • Suggestion for next year – Parade sponsor at $1500 donation, make being the parade sponsor bigger.  Currently they get: Front of the parade banner that they can carry themselves, a booth Friday night, name on the parade brochure.  Does the Sponsor this year have stickers that we can put on our parade shirts?
  • On the VillageFest website parade page make sure that the parade sponsor’s name is listed.  For example, “Parade Sponsored by ….” (Garrick)

Beverages – Michael Garrett sent in an update

  • Free 80 cases of water; Pop will be purchased at $0.25/can.
  • Ice will be from Cub or Wal-Greens (new Managers).
  • Gatorade will be purchased from Costco.
  • Jim goes through about 68 bags of ice total.
  • Any water left over will be donated to the Police and Fire Departments.
  • Four new coolers were purchased for the soda and water.

Facilities –  Jean Rarick

  • Walters – $65.38 for pick-up, Friday $260.04 includes taxes.  Need boxes at St. Charles.  Walter’s will be dropping off extra barriers for us, per our request.  Jean will reach out to Sue with Walters to see if they would donate anything.
  • Biffs – all set.
  • Will send out an email to the Shopping center to ask for donations (Jean).
  • Would love to have Builders Club to help out on Friday to set up chairs and pick up trash.  Have them at the Shopping Center on Friday between 3 – 4 pm (Dale).
  • Volunteers needed to pick up garbage (Denise).


  • Check with the Band Boosters on the Dunk tank and children’s games (Stephanie).

Car Show – Mike Gondek

  • Last year’s car show video is on the VillageFest website.
  • Promotional car show cards/flyers have been printed and sent out to the car owners.

Treasurer – Denise Wells

  • Income $6085, expense $4681
  • Go Daddy, fireworks, soda coolers, office supplies – paid.
  • Orders on-line – Denise has visibility to these orders.
  • Biffs – They need tax exempt forms from us ; Denise may have to fill out a form for the Federal sales tax exempt status.  We already have tax exempt status for the state of Minnesota.  Ask Tom Brever for the articles of incorporate (Julianne).

Beer / Wine – Jim Webb provided an update to Julianne

  • We have 6 walkie Talkies/three sets of two –Jim and  pop people will coordinate
  • Working on Permits to serve alcohol.

Kick ball – Jim Webb provided an update to Julianne

  • 2 teams registered so far.

Yard signs

  • Pick the stickers up on Friday.
  • Sticker the signs (Megan & Stephanie)
  • Leave some signs at Jean’s store (Megan)
  • Yard signs can be picked up at Stephanie’s; She will let people know when they are ready.

Next meeting

  • Monday, July 9th, 7 pm, Community Center.
  • Will meet every week until VillageFest:  July 19th – Central Park, July 21st or 26th, August 2nd – Parking lot


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